Plans for a short documentary

Hi there, this post is going to be a brief introduction and overview of my plans to make a short documentary on dyslexia (and possibly other closely related ‘learning difficulties’).

After watching a few documentaries about dyslexia on YouTube, some of the videos were dated and many of the comments underneath showed that viewers did not agree with what was being said.

The Aim: My aim is to put across the views and a range of opinions of students with dyslexia. However, I want to take the topic further.
I personally believe that dyslexia and creativity are somehow linked and therefore, I want to discuss dyslexia being connected to creativity.

The Goal: My goal is to film and produce this short documentary and make it available on YouTube. If the quality and final piece is good enough, then the possibility to enter it into documentary  film-festivals would be a plus.

If you would like to share your views and opinions please get in touch. Leave a comment below or drop me a tweet @zapchampion. I’d love to hear from you, and if you want to get involved definitely contact me!

Thanks for reading and please share this.

Have a smirt day

Lost in YouTube: “Way Back Home”

The words ‘DONT’T TRY THIS AT HOME’ are echoing in my mind as I type this thinking about today’s video.

If you haven’t heard of seen what Danny MacAskill can do on a bike then I urge you to watch this video of him on his journey ‘back home’. It’s absolutely fantastic and I like the fact that there are some older folks watching his dare-devil behaviour at the start.

There are many more videos of him, just this this one has been perfected and has particularly stunning moments, the parts I enjoy most include the flip of the wall at the start, the scenes at the beach location, the brief moment when he bounces off the side of a house wall and the sign that says “CYLISTS DISMOUNT” has been conveniantly ignored!

Stay safe, stay smirt 🙂

Lost in YouTube – “We Are Young”

hello – sorry slightly late.

This video is a personal favourite of mine. It is a cover of the song “We Are Young” originally by Fun. This cover is with a bunch of people from the YouTube community; Alex Goot, Tiffany Alvord and Luke Conard, there are links available to all of the channels.

There are so many covers they have done, working together and alone. Alex Goot and Chad Sugg are two of my favourites, but if you enjoy this video then I recomend Tiffany Alvord, Chestersee and Boyce Avenue

Hope you like it, have a smirt day 🙂

Update 6 – Where I want to take the blog and a whole lot of Glee

Although Update 5 was only last week, it’s time for another…

So, I want to expand this blog, with the very recent post about the videos I will be sharing I have been thinking. I am going to continue telling you about the movies I have seem, and now weekly I will post a link to a YouTube video.

What I also want to start blogging about are some TV shows, I generally don’t watch many – but there are always exceptions, for me Glee and Touch are the two TV shows that I religiously watch and don’t like to miss an episode. I think Glee is so good because of the scriptwriter, and the characters portrayed by the actors. Ok, often the situations are over dramatic, but hey, that’s TV for you. What really keeps me watching is the fact that so many issues and topics are covered in Glee, thanks to the scriptwriters, Glee often opens up areas that aren’t always discussed in everyday life. Glee has a lot of fans – the self-named “Gleeks” but as with everything, there are a lot of people who don’t like it. The variety of topics covered in the show is, in my opinion, what makes the show so popular with many teenagers. Covering aspects such as general high school life, the home life, family, teen pregnancy, sexuality, gender, disability, suicide, simply being different. Oh and of course the music!

Touch on the other hand is completely different from Glee, but I am hooked, I was hooked from the first episode. No one else I know watches it. If you watch it, what do you think, I am interested to know your thoughts?

And finally, the up and coming 6 part TV series “Hit and Miss” will be aired later this month on Sky Atlantic, it looks totally different from everything else and I will be tuning in to see that.

Keep being smirt 🙂

Update 5 – Exams, Movies & YouTube

School. It is rather busy at the moment; only 3 weeks of class left, and then the final exams. I had my French Speaking exam on Thursday, I am proud to say that I think it went well, I am surprised. In class we were studying Truffaut, my teacher could see the enthusiasm buzzing off me, I have really had fun. So, yes, three weeks and then 4 exams. It has gone so quickly and I will miss it!

My habitual movie viewing has immensely decreased, hence the lack of my thoughts/reviews. I have watched a few, but often I have not reached the end. The movie I watched most recently to the end and truly enjoyed was Water for Elephants, I don’t have a bad word to say about it at all. Maybe I will blog about it later…

As for YouTube, I have my own channel just as so many other people do. I don’t have a singing voice but I would like to create a video asking the question “If the world was going to end tomorrow, what would you do today?”. It’s such an interesting question that will get so many interesting, individual answers. This question is open to all you readers, so leave your comments, answers or thoughts on this topic please. If you would like to be a part of this video that would be fantastic!

Well I best be off to write my English essays.

Stay smirt and keep in mind my youtube idea 🙂