Update 5 – Exams, Movies & YouTube

School. It is rather busy at the moment; only 3 weeks of class left, and then the final exams. I had my French Speaking exam on Thursday, I am proud to say that I think it went well, I am surprised. In class we were studying Truffaut, my teacher could see the enthusiasm buzzing off me, I have really had fun. So, yes, three weeks and then 4 exams. It has gone so quickly and I will miss it!

My habitual movie viewing has immensely decreased, hence the lack of my thoughts/reviews. I have watched a few, but often I have not reached the end. The movie I watched most recently to the end and truly enjoyed was Water for Elephants, I don’t have a bad word to say about it at all. Maybe I will blog about it later…

As for YouTube, I have my own channel just as so many other people do. I don’t have a singing voice but I would like to create a video asking the question “If the world was going to end tomorrow, what would you do today?”. It’s such an interesting question that will get so many interesting, individual answers. This question is open to all you readers, so leave your comments, answers or thoughts on this topic please. If you would like to be a part of this video that would be fantastic!

Well I best be off to write my English essays.

Stay smirt and keep in mind my youtube idea 🙂






Update 2

Hi 🙂

I haven’t watched any movies recently – the word “recently” I use here to mean “in the last few days”, however, there are a few in the cinema that I want to see but at this rate I may have to wait for the DVD releases or Sky Movies.

The Woman in Black is on the top of my “To Watch List” as my friend was recently in a stage production of it. I have heard great things about this movie, including how scary it is, but I am one for an adrenalin rush. A Dangerous Method is a close second on my list, as a psychology student it seems like a very interesting movie and there could be the possibility to learn more about Freud and his “dangerous” methods (but, being Hollywood there is bound to be overdramatization). Thirdly, A Man on a Ledge, I haven’t heard or seen much about this though.

If anyone has seen these movies feel free to leave a comment with what you thought about it/them. Please, no spoilers though, or at least within reason.

And a smirt day to you

Just an update with blog ideas

So as I mentioned, I really do love movies. Well why not blog about the movies I watch, discuss them, perhaps reviews?

Later today I am going to watch The Descendants, looking forward to it as I have read great comments about it. I shall update on what I think about it when I have watched it.

Peace out, and a smirt day to you 🙂