Update 7

Seven is my favourite number, I am not a superstitious character – I just like the number 7.

Today I owe a few posts.  Last weekend I was in London for some last minute Christmas shopping, and it is always nice to see the many Christmas lights and decorations that fill the streets and shop window displays. It’s amazing – the amount of time, money and effort that people put into this season. But it brings people together.

After having an early family dinner, my brother insisted that we go and see Life of Pi. He knows that I don’t like 3D so we were trying to find a cinema which was showing the film in 2D and at a decent hour, this was next to impossible. Traipsing around the vicinity and having a tour of many Odeon cinemas, we finally find an 8:30pm showing in 3D. I reluctantly agreed. But I’m glad I did.

A post on Life of Pi should follow shortly and also one for Hugo.

With this update I bring a few changes

So if you have read my blog before you will notice the change in layout and structure, I think this layout makes it more user-friendly and it’s set out in a fashion easier on the eye. What else is new? Well I have linked this blog to my Twitter account. So if you are arriving here from Twitter: Hello and welcome, thanks for your time reading.

This blog has also changed in many other ways; I started off being unsure of what to talk about. Now I have found that blogging about movies is the main direction of Have a Smirt Day. However, I noticed that I was getting more views on the photos and videos I posted to this page. So, as a result Have a Smirt Day now has a little sister blog: Stay Smirt http://staysmirt.wordpress.com/  I am no photographer. I am completely oblivious to factors such as lighting, brightness and contrast; I don’t really understand how they work. I am more of a snapshot taker.

I always believed that writing was my strength, that I could bring an element of creativity and control to the words I use through the written mode. However, starting university this September I have found that my writing is not as strong as many of the people in my classes. This has encouraged me to improve my writing skills, so from 2013 I will be blogging more regularly. Another area that I want to work on is film making. I am eager to make the documentary that I spoke about in the previous post, but I need to work out a balance between this as a project and assignments.

I hope you are having a good holiday and have a happy new year.

Smirt is what we aim for.

Update 6 – Where I want to take the blog and a whole lot of Glee

Although Update 5 was only last week, it’s time for another…

So, I want to expand this blog, with the very recent post about the videos I will be sharing I have been thinking. I am going to continue telling you about the movies I have seem, and now weekly I will post a link to a YouTube video.

What I also want to start blogging about are some TV shows, I generally don’t watch many – but there are always exceptions, for me Glee and Touch are the two TV shows that I religiously watch and don’t like to miss an episode. I think Glee is so good because of the scriptwriter, and the characters portrayed by the actors. Ok, often the situations are over dramatic, but hey, that’s TV for you. What really keeps me watching is the fact that so many issues and topics are covered in Glee, thanks to the scriptwriters, Glee often opens up areas that aren’t always discussed in everyday life. Glee has a lot of fans – the self-named “Gleeks” but as with everything, there are a lot of people who don’t like it. The variety of topics covered in the show is, in my opinion, what makes the show so popular with many teenagers. Covering aspects such as general high school life, the home life, family, teen pregnancy, sexuality, gender, disability, suicide, simply being different. Oh and of course the music!

Touch on the other hand is completely different from Glee, but I am hooked, I was hooked from the first episode. No one else I know watches it. If you watch it, what do you think, I am interested to know your thoughts?

And finally, the up and coming 6 part TV series “Hit and Miss” will be aired later this month on Sky Atlantic, it looks totally different from everything else and I will be tuning in to see that.

Keep being smirt 🙂