Update 6 – Where I want to take the blog and a whole lot of Glee

Although Update 5 was only last week, it’s time for another…

So, I want to expand this blog, with the very recent post about the videos I will be sharing I have been thinking. I am going to continue telling you about the movies I have seem, and now weekly I will post a link to a YouTube video.

What I also want to start blogging about are some TV shows, I generally don’t watch many – but there are always exceptions, for me Glee and Touch are the two TV shows that I religiously watch and don’t like to miss an episode. I think Glee is so good because of the scriptwriter, and the characters portrayed by the actors. Ok, often the situations are over dramatic, but hey, that’s TV for you. What really keeps me watching is the fact that so many issues and topics are covered in Glee, thanks to the scriptwriters, Glee often opens up areas that aren’t always discussed in everyday life. Glee has a lot of fans – the self-named “Gleeks” but as with everything, there are a lot of people who don’t like it. The variety of topics covered in the show is, in my opinion, what makes the show so popular with many teenagers. Covering aspects such as general high school life, the home life, family, teen pregnancy, sexuality, gender, disability, suicide, simply being different. Oh and of course the music!

Touch on the other hand is completely different from Glee, but I am hooked, I was hooked from the first episode. No one else I know watches it. If you watch it, what do you think, I am interested to know your thoughts?

And finally, the up and coming 6 part TV series “Hit and Miss” will be aired later this month on Sky Atlantic, it looks totally different from everything else and I will be tuning in to see that.

Keep being smirt 🙂

The Avengeres

It’s time to get a little geeky: I went to see The Avengeres the day after it was released here with a large group of people from school, we had hyped the movie up so much and were buzzing in our seats as soon as we got into the cinema. We did start to panic that we had hyped ourselves up too much and so we might have expected too much and ruined it. Well, let me tell you, we had so much fun and liked it so much we saw it 3 times. This movie is brilliant; the perfect blend of humour and intense superhero battles. The graphics and filming was fantastic too, I didn’t see it in 3D though, I really don’t think 3D cinema works well, at least not yet, in my opinion it is still a work in progress that needs more time for development and adjustment -as much as I love the glasses you get, wearing them is a hassle as I already have prescription glasses.

It was completely worth seeing so many times and I don’t know if any other blockbuster will be able to beat it this year. I shall just have to wait for the summer releases. I have heard that in 2014 there will be an Avengeres 2 with more characters in. In all honesty I was not expecting much from the Hulk, but he quickly became my favourite hero of the movie, along side Iron Man – but that is expected. Black Widow was a surprise to me though, as I didn’t actually know who she was, but the I can inform you that the cameraman enjoyed filming the behind of Scarlett Johansson. Some of the most memorable moments were with The Hulk, he is funny, sarcastic and clever, Iron Man and have some kind of brotherly love/hate relationship going on…

Marvel has certainly challenged my views, I was always more of a fan of the DC heroes and villans. Maybe they can release a movie combining all the superheroes, I would go and see that.

🙂 smirt

Update 5 – Exams, Movies & YouTube

School. It is rather busy at the moment; only 3 weeks of class left, and then the final exams. I had my French Speaking exam on Thursday, I am proud to say that I think it went well, I am surprised. In class we were studying Truffaut, my teacher could see the enthusiasm buzzing off me, I have really had fun. So, yes, three weeks and then 4 exams. It has gone so quickly and I will miss it!

My habitual movie viewing has immensely decreased, hence the lack of my thoughts/reviews. I have watched a few, but often I have not reached the end. The movie I watched most recently to the end and truly enjoyed was Water for Elephants, I don’t have a bad word to say about it at all. Maybe I will blog about it later…

As for YouTube, I have my own channel just as so many other people do. I don’t have a singing voice but I would like to create a video asking the question “If the world was going to end tomorrow, what would you do today?”. It’s such an interesting question that will get so many interesting, individual answers. This question is open to all you readers, so leave your comments, answers or thoughts on this topic please. If you would like to be a part of this video that would be fantastic!

Well I best be off to write my English essays.

Stay smirt and keep in mind my youtube idea 🙂






Les Mistons. Un film francais de 1958!

Le film « Les Mistons » a été réalisé par François Truffaut en 1958, c’est un court-métrage en noir et blanc. La durée est de 23 minutes seulement.

« Les Mistons » et l’histoire d’un couple (Bernadette et Gérard), mais aussi il y a des petites scènes de la vie quotidienne, pour exemple un homme dans le jardin, et une autre scène avec un homme et une cigarette.

Au début, la fille est à vélo (au premier plan avec la camera en face d’elle sur une voiture), elle est jolie et porte une jupe et une camiste vives. A la fin, la fille est à pied et elle porte une jupe longue et noire. Bernadette est très différente a la fin, la musique aussi, était heureuse mais a la fin elle est lente, après il y a une fondu enchaine au noir et le mot « FIN »






Le film est narré complètement par un miston (comme adulte) qui s’appelle Michel François et le plateau de tournage était Nîmes, la ville française.

Le film est plan séquence et la camera est rarement fixe, plutôt ils utilisent une caméra portable avec un mélange des déplacements  et d’angles de caméra, tels que, un panoramique ou en gros plan. Pour Bernadette et Gérard ils utilisent en gros plan souvent, mais, pour Les Mistons, ils utilisent le champ de vision.

Il y a une vaste gamme de techniques grâce à La Nouvelle Vague et à Truffaut.

Have a smirt evening. Je suis désole pour des erreurs.


The Woman in Black (2012)

I will start by saying that I have mixed feelings about this movie, I didn’t think it was bad but I didn’t think it was amazing. I wasn’t on the edge of my seat biting my nails, but I did jump from time to time.

I saw it in the cinema, and I couldn’t have picked a worse time to go and see it. On a Thursday at 4pm during the school holiday. Trust me, going to see a “chilling” horror at this time was a stupid idea, and I shall tell you why: the cinema was full of immature teenagers. Now, being a teenager myself, and not the most mature one at that, I probably shouldn’t blame other teenagers for ruining the movie for me. But I will anyway. Honestly, about 75% of the audience at that time were most likely 14-20 years old and could not manage to sit through the movie, eventually a whole row were “removed” from the cinema for making so much noise and annoying others. On the other hand, the sound of crunching and chewing also added to the atmosphere…

Ok, enough of my rant, what did I think about the actual movie I hear you screaming at me. I thought Daniel Radcliffe did a fine job at the role of Kipps and I did not see him as a wizard at any given moment, which is a bonus don’t you think?  As I had not read the book, seen the original movie, or any of the stage productions of this, I was not familiar with the plot and especially the ending. The ending to me, really made the movie and I thought it was fantastic, everyone else watching the last few scenes of this movie (myself included) seemed to gasp and be in shock at the end.

SPOILER ALERT (stop reading here if you don’t want to read the ending)!:

The moment when the little boy is hit by the train was the best and worst moment for me, this is the moment that everyone in the audience took a sharp inhalation. A sad yet happy ending as the mother, father and little boy walk up the tracks, though the woman in black is on the platform.


A List of Favourites: Movies

I won’t number this list, ranking these movies in order of how good they are would just not be right. So instead I shall put them into order of the year released. This included movies from across the world; the USA, the UK, France, Italy, India…

This is an ongoing list!

1993 – Mrs. Doubtfire

1995 – Toy Story

1998 – Big

1999 – Toy Story 2

2001 – Kahbi Khushi Kabhie Gham

2006 – Little Miss Sunshine

2007 – Freedom Writers, Reign Over Me

2008 – Paris

2009 – The Boys Are Back

2010 – Toy Story 3, The King’s Speech, My Name is Khan

2011 – Paradise Kiss, Another Happy Day, My Week Wih Marilyn

2013 – Cloud Atlas

Another Happy Day

Well it certainly is another happy day.

I had not heard of Sam Levinson before last night when I watched Another Happy Day, but I think I will take time out to see what else he has directed or written as this has become one of my favourite movies now.

The storyline is based on the extended family coming together for the eldest son’s wedding at the grandparents family estate home with the many dramas during lead up to the big day. The grandfather is very ill, the grandmother and most of her grown up children are trying to maintain their “perfect lives” whilst one of her daughters believes that her genetics must be bad as her kids all have “problems”, for example, Aspergers,  Tourette’s Syndrome, self harm and drug addiction.

I thought the whole concept was brilliant, it’s a basic idea, take a  dysfunctional family and make a movie about it. However , this was produced so well. Each character has their own problem and if you are like me and enjoy a “dark comedy” then this could be for you. To me this movie really stood out, in ways I think it is similar to Little Miss Sunshine and this could be why I enjoyed both of these movies.

I loved everything about this movie, especially the character Elliot, (played by Ezra Miller, who was also in City Island the 2009 movie starring Andy Garcia) Going back to my reference of Little Miss Sunshine, Elliot shares some similarities with Dwayne the teenage character in Little Miss Sunshine. Although he seems to have a pessimistic outlook on life, he comes across as somewhat philosophical in some scenes, sarcastic and jokey in others. It’s ironic how he tells his grandma that if they were all together for a funeral they would be more likely to get on with each other and that 9/11 made him feel like he was a part of the family than ever before. Her response is that it is disgraceful he would even dare to say that, but towards the end there is a funeral and everyone is brought together.

I won’t spoil the movie anymore for those of you who might want to go and watch it, have a smirt day 🙂