Hawaa Hawaai

Hawaa Hawaai Trailer

Hawaa Hawaai, released May 2014, is inspirational and has the feel good factor, with a message that says ‘dreams can come true’. Directed by Amole Gupte, it is reminiscent of Chak De India and Taree Zameen Par – also directed by Gupte.

This movie is about of a group of shantytown kids who come together to build a pair roller skates. After 14-year-old Arjun’s (Partho Gupte) father dies, he becomes the man of the house and sets out to make some money for the family. Working as a tea boy, he quickly sees how the wealthy side lives and sees a roller skating class. After this he dreams to become a champion roller skater.

However, Hawaa Hawaai is more than just a movie about roller-skating; it highlights the divide between rich and poor, it questions society’s boundaries, it shows if you want it enough, you can achieve your goal.

The soundtrack is equally as uplifting as the movie, and is definitely worth a listen even if you don’t watch the movie.

 Watch if you like: Chak De India, Taree Zameen Par, Koi Mil Gaya


Boys Don’t Cry (2000)


Boys Don’t Cry. Well let me tell you, I was stifling tears.

Boys Don’t Cry gives a biographical account on Brandon Teena (Hilary Swank), a young transgender guy pushing the boundaries in the early 90s. It tells the story of the fun he has and trouble he lands himself in after adventuring to Nebraska to escape from the law in his hometown.

This movie is one of the first in its kind, depicting a female-to-male character as the main lead. It shows the real life struggle that some transgender people often have to face, especially in a time period when many people were not even accepting of gay people. You see him struggle with the dislike he has toward his body, his attempts to appear more masculine and just trying to fit in as one of the guys around him.

Hilary Swank plays the role of Brandon extremely well, she handles the part with sensitivity, and it is easy to forget that she is not actually a teenage boy. While filming Hilary Swank had to live her day to life looking like Brandon, so it is hardly surprising that her neighbor assumed it was her teenage son coming and going from the house rather than her. In the movie Swank portrays the unease and awkwardness of someone not feeling at home in their own body, while giving Brandon a cheeky charm about him.

During the movie you find yourself rooting for Brandon, and hoping he doesn’t get found out about being born female, but there is a sense of foreboding throughout. You are just waiting for it to happen and what will happen to him. At times you might think, ‘Oh no, what are you doing? Just go home. Don’t get into a relationship with a girl – you are bound to get found out.’ But you have to bear in mind he was young and human. It’s only natural that he wanted those experiences.

It isn’t the first time I have watched this movie, but it is the first time I made it to the end. The first time I attempted to watch it, I had to stop. Not because it wasn’t a good movie, I think it tells the story well and I like the way it was shot. However, if you have watched the movie you will know the scenes I’m talking about, the bathroom, and car scene that follow, were too much for me. I will add now that this is the point in which I would like to apologize to the people sitting behind me in the cinema as I was sniffling as the tears rolled down my face.

If you liked: Dallas Buyers Club, Tomboy, or are specifically looking for a LGBT themed movie then this is for you. Although, if you are prone to crying at movies – have some tissues at hand.

*I have referred to Brandon Teena throughout this review as Brandon and with male pronouns, ‘he’, as he was a real person and it is how he wanted to be known.


Growing Up With Film

I would sum up my experience of film from my childhood as James Bond meets Bollywood

Looking back on my younger childhood, I have memories of films. I can remember some of the films which I watched as a young child, in particular the films I would rewatch or the films I have watched again since.

I don’t come from a family that is exceptionally fanatic about film, but, to me, movies bring people together. Perhaps this belief comes from growing up and watching films with family and friends.

However, I do come from a family of mixed culture and this has influenced the movies I watched and the movies I watch today.

One of my earliest memories is going to the cinema. My Grandma took my brothers and I to see Toy Story and I recall sitting on booster seat to see over the other cinema seats. I thought it was fantastic, and to this day, Toy Story remains in my list of favourite movies.

Whatever it is that sparked my interest in film, I am grateful for it.




Just as mathematics is considered a language in its own right, film is language of its own as well.The difference is that film is more accessible to viewers and film-makers. Film reaches a wide audience; people of different ages, personalities, tastes.

Film is a lot like food and drink, okay, we don’t need films to survive, but it brings people together.


How amazing is that?

The Avengeres

It’s time to get a little geeky: I went to see The Avengeres the day after it was released here with a large group of people from school, we had hyped the movie up so much and were buzzing in our seats as soon as we got into the cinema. We did start to panic that we had hyped ourselves up too much and so we might have expected too much and ruined it. Well, let me tell you, we had so much fun and liked it so much we saw it 3 times. This movie is brilliant; the perfect blend of humour and intense superhero battles. The graphics and filming was fantastic too, I didn’t see it in 3D though, I really don’t think 3D cinema works well, at least not yet, in my opinion it is still a work in progress that needs more time for development and adjustment -as much as I love the glasses you get, wearing them is a hassle as I already have prescription glasses.

It was completely worth seeing so many times and I don’t know if any other blockbuster will be able to beat it this year. I shall just have to wait for the summer releases. I have heard that in 2014 there will be an Avengeres 2 with more characters in. In all honesty I was not expecting much from the Hulk, but he quickly became my favourite hero of the movie, along side Iron Man – but that is expected. Black Widow was a surprise to me though, as I didn’t actually know who she was, but the I can inform you that the cameraman enjoyed filming the behind of Scarlett Johansson. Some of the most memorable moments were with The Hulk, he is funny, sarcastic and clever, Iron Man and have some kind of brotherly love/hate relationship going on…

Marvel has certainly challenged my views, I was always more of a fan of the DC heroes and villans. Maybe they can release a movie combining all the superheroes, I would go and see that.

🙂 smirt