Ponderings of The Smirt Kid: Is cinema a form of escapism continued.

In June 2012 I posted a blog following a discussion that I had in French class. Well I’d like to revisit this topic. 

I no longer study French, and no longer have the opportunity to study and talk about films in detail. I’m sure my friends would soon get sick of me yapping on about film scenes and ideas. But it is something I still think about regularly.

In a way, film is a form of escapism. I still maintain the thought that film transports you to another world – or at least a reality that is not your own. We may be sedative audiences, but we are not passive.

cinema audience

Yes, it is true that viewers can find similarities and parallels between the movie and their own life. Some people may find comfort in knowing that the actors in their favourite movies are going through similar life struggles, whilst others feel happier forgetting about their own life and drift into a 2 hour alternative.