Paperman – A short animated film

A short and sweet, charming Walt Disney animation which brings two characters together. At only 6 minutes long, this black and white animation is worth your time…

Lost in YouTube: “Awesome Speech” by Kameron Slade

This week I ask you to put aside differences in opinion you may have and to admire the bravery that Kameron Slade has. This speech is so inspirational, he is only a 5th grader but has the understanding that we may expect adults to have. Help to share awareness and inspiration, pass this video on.

Lost in YouTube: “Way Back Home”

The words ‘DONT’T TRY THIS AT HOME’ are echoing in my mind as I type this thinking about today’s video.

If you haven’t heard of seen what Danny MacAskill can do on a bike then I urge you to watch this video of him on his journey ‘back home’. It’s absolutely fantastic and I like the fact that there are some older folks watching his dare-devil behaviour at the start.

There are many more videos of him, just this this one has been perfected and has particularly stunning moments, the parts I enjoy most include the flip of the wall at the start, the scenes at the beach location, the brief moment when he bounces off the side of a house wall and the sign that says “CYLISTS DISMOUNT” has been conveniantly ignored!

Stay safe, stay smirt 🙂