I missed seeing Hugo in the cinema; well to be honest when it came out in the cinema I didn’t take any notice of it. However I watched it a few nights ago with the whole family and everyone enjoyed it. It’s a film for everyone.

The film is an adaptation of the book ‘The Invention of Hugo Cabret’. Directed by Martin Scorsese, it was shot in 3D and although I watched it in 2D, it is a film that I’d like to watch again in 3D.

12 year old Hugo Cabret is left orphaned after the death of his father, a clock maker. Hugo moves to the Paris train station with his alcoholic uncle where he learns how to repair and maintain the station clocks. After his uncle goes missing, Hugo continues living hidden in the walls of the station and continuing his uncle’s work.

Before the death of Hugo’s father they were working on repairing an old automaton, which Hugo takes upon himself to finish by himself. The movie is centred around his struggle to fix the automaton, but also staying hidden from the station inspector (Sacha Baron Cohen).

I won’t spoil it for others that haven’t seen it, but the characters are all interesting with their own quirks. For a film lover like myself the film is brilliant in the way in which it tells the history of film through involving real pioneers of early film such as the Lumière brothers and of course George Méliès.

~ Have a smirt day 


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