Plans for a short documentary

Hi there, this post is going to be a brief introduction and overview of my plans to make a short documentary on dyslexia (and possibly other closely related ‘learning difficulties’).

After watching a few documentaries about dyslexia on YouTube, some of the videos were dated and many of the comments underneath showed that viewers did not agree with what was being said.

The Aim: My aim is to put across the views and a range of opinions of students with dyslexia. However, I want to take the topic further.
I personally believe that dyslexia and creativity are somehow linked and therefore, I want to discuss dyslexia being connected to creativity.

The Goal: My goal is to film and produce this short documentary and make it available on YouTube. If the quality and final piece is good enough, then the possibility to enter it into documentary  film-festivals would be a plus.

If you would like to share your views and opinions please get in touch. Leave a comment below or drop me a tweet @zapchampion. I’d love to hear from you, and if you want to get involved definitely contact me!

Thanks for reading and please share this.

Have a smirt day


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