ACT 2 CAM – The Smirt Kid’s Experience

ACT 2 CAM at Alton Castle 2012

In August of this year I spent a week on ACT 2 CAM’s film camp at Alton Castle. I can honestly say it was one of the best weeks of my summer this year. However, the experience I got from the film camp I will take with me throughout life.

During my time at school, I had a strong dislike for Drama. Even today, I haven’t grown out of this dislike. I dropped Drama class the second it became a non-compulsory class. I’m shy and thus the thought of standing on a stage or in front of a camera does not thrill me. So, I’d never imagined I end up on a film camp.

ACT 2 CAM seemed different though, the reason I wanted to go was purely due to the ‘behind the camera’ aspect. If you are familiar with my blog you will know that I am an avid movie-goer, I watch movies religiously and have been described a “movie buff”. I also love technology and equipment. So the prospect of getting to handle cameras, lights and sound equipment urged me to sign up. I hadn’t really used any of these things properly in the past and I was eager to learn how to use them.

I was slightly hesitant that I’d be one of the oldest on the camp as the age range is from 8 through to 18. I was worried that I’d be the oldest and least experienced. Well, there was no need to worry as I soon made friends and gained in experience.

Due to the variety of ages we were put into groups with people roughly of the same age in order come up with an idea for our short films, then to write and film them – under the supervision and guidance of the camp teachers. The group I was in developed the idea of a young man that has exceptionally large feet since childhood. Due to this, even his daily routine is affected. He was bullied in his youth and now lives a lonely life in his abandoned mansion, the only people in his life are his resident maid and the fleeting dates he arranges online in an attempt to find love.

B.F.G group: “That’s a wrap!”

A special thanks to; Steve and all the staff for running the camp and making this experience possible, Lauren Hatchard for working on the film, editing and putting it all together. Another thank-you to Steve for lending his musical talents to our group by writing and singing on the film’s soundtrack. Also a boy named Teddy, who I did not meet – but his ukulele skills were greatly appreciated. Finally thanks to all the people in our group, it was nice meeting and making a short film with you.

ACT 2 CAM has shown me that this is something that I want to continue with in the future. Keep inspiring young people!

Have a smirt day 🙂


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