Ponderings of The Smirt Kid: What’s in a name?

Do you share your grandmother’s name, your grandfather’s name?

Or your mother’s, or your father’s?

Are you named after someone famous?

What did you call your teddy bear?

I had Mickey the Monkey. Not quite a teddy bear.

Do you know where your name comes from?

Or what it means?

Are you like the meaning of your name?

What’s your favourite name?

I like the name Isabella. It sounds nice.

Do you have a nickname?

Or is your name short for something?

Are you thinking about your name?

What’s your pet called?

I have a parrot called BoBo. He only answers to Good Boy.

Do you know someone with the same name as you?

Or is your name unusual?

Are you the only person you know with your name?

What would you have named yourself?

I would have named myself Tommy. I don’t know why.

What’s in a name?


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