Spirit Day 2012

Tomorrow is Spirit Day; many people – including celebrities such as Stephen Fry, will be wearing purple to show support their to LGBT teens.

What is Spirit Day?

It is a day that was started by Brittany McMillan in 2010 via Facebook, following the death of Tyler Clementi.  The color purple is used as it represents spirit.

Why should you support this day?

Tyler Clementi was an American university student who was bullied because of his sexual orientation.  This bullying led Tyler to commit suicide. There is no valid reason for bullying, whether it is over race, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation or any other reason. Bullying cannot be justified, and especially when it causes young people to take their own lives. However, the suicide rates are still rising. But you can help make a difference.

Below is a link to a message on bullying from Ellen DeGeneres:


How can you show your support?

Wear purple tomorrow. You could make your profile picture purple, or you could simply spread the word.  

For more information see the links below:




                                                                                         ~ Have a smirt day and I hope you will make it purple.


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