Jewish Mum of the Year

Good evening folks (or morning/afternoon – depending where you are from)

Jewish Mum of the Year is a new TV show from Channel 4 that aired last Tuesday. In my opinion it is a brilliant concept, and from the first episode I already love it. To me, it’s basically The Apprentice with Jewish mothers instead of business people, but you could argue that these Jewish mums are business people in their own right. Instead of the winner receiving a job from Donald Trump or Lord Alan Sugar, the winners will receive the opportunity to be the agony aunt for The Jewish News.

There are eight contestants in the beginning. These women are all very different from each other; they are from different places around the UK, have different ideas on what being Jewish means to them and their families, they also range in how traditional or modern they are. It is so interesting.

Each week we will say goodbye to one of these mums, based on how they manage and cope with the tasks given to them, they will judged by Dovid Katz and Tracy-Ann Oberman.

Last week their task was to execute a Bar Mitzvah, and tonight the task is matchmaking. I have tonight’s’ episode on record at the moment so I can watch it without interruptions from adverts but am going to watch it as soon as this post is finished. I urge you to check it out either on Channel 4 at 9pm Tuesdays or on 4oD – link below:

I hope this exciting program continues in the future. Perhaps with a twist, for example, Indian mums or gay parents…? I don’t know, just throwing ideas out there; wouldn’t want this show to become boring or unoriginal but I think it could be taken further.

Have a smirt day 🙂

EDIT: My mistake, last week we said goodbye to two mums.


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