My Week With Marilyn

A new entry to my list of favourite movies. In all honesty I was a little unsure when the opening credits said it was a movie from the BBC, I thought it may be slow and boring. I don’t know why I has this preconception. Well I was happily surprised within the first few minutes , this doesn’t happen to me often, but I knew from the introduction that I was going to get into it quickly.

The movie opens with our protagonist, Colin Clark, narrating –  giving a brief overview of who he is and how he gets to be in London. The movie is based on the real Colin Clark’s diary whilst working with Marilyn Monroe on his first job in the film industry.

I wouldn’t have changed a thing about this movie, it was perfect. It was humerous, filled with witty one-liners. It had emotion, you could see the emotion through the looks that the characters gave. It managed to have a sence of light hearted humour throughout, whilst also touching on some more serious elements of Marilyn Monroe’s life such as her marriages and drug intake.

Going to add it to the list now! ~ Have a smirt day 🙂



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