Ponderings of The Smirt Kid: the return of the backwards snapbacks

Yes, you read the title correctly. Is it true, are backwards baseball caps coming back into fashion? Well, I don’t follow fashion, I can’t say I know a lot about fashion but I am pretty sure that most people stopped wearing their caps backwards in the 90s.

However, on Monday morning I was going up the stairs in uni, heading towards my class and a boy stopped to hold the door, I noticed he was wearing a cap, backwards. I didn’t think much of it, until later that day. I was on the way home and noticed a group of three lads, they can’t have been much older than 16, but were all dresses in the uniform off baggy sweatpants or jeans, and of course: a backwards cap! At this point I thought ‘ok that is just a coincidence.’

But the next day, Tuesday, I am on a break between two lectures and am standing outside with some friends, they are smoking and I notice another guy siting on the bench to the left of me, yes you guessed it. He is wearing a backwards cap as well, a colourful purple and yellow Lakers cap. Now let me tell you that three separate times within two days is not a coincidence. You may say that this only stood out to me as I was looking for it, but hey – when one of the girls I was standing with noticed it too, surely that means this fashion is back in.


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