Ponderings of The Smirt Kid: Wrist Watches and Writing By Hand

I often wonder if wrist watches and writing by hand are dying out. Take a moment and think about it. Do you usually wear a watch? Do many of your friends wear watches? When was the last time you hand wrote something, and what was it? Hmm, I wonder who invented the watch…Perhaps it was a Greek, as it was the Greeks who invented the concept of measuring time.

I asked my friends about watches, as the majority of them don’t wear them, in fact someone accessorize their wrist with a watch that doesn’t display the correct time, it just looks stylish. I don’t condone wearing a watch because it is stylish, I tend to buy them based on their looks and my ability to read the time on the face (I can’t stand a watch with a small face and a lack of numbers), but if you are going to wear a watch, surely it should do the job it was designed to do. If I wanted to buy an accessory for my wrist I would go and buy a bracelet.

It is these friends that claim the main reason for not wearing a watch is that they always have their phone on them or within reach, so a watch is unnecessary. Though it appears to be so much effort; to reach into your pocket, pull out a phone,  then often to be greeted with the message “slide to unlock” – just to check the time. But, I suppose that if the time on their phones were to be incorrect, then the simple solution would be to phone ‘the speaking clock’.

I began writing this blog on June 18th at 3:43pm – I checked the time and date on my watch.  I actually began writing this by hand – I was unable to access the internet or even a computer. This leads me on to the next topic of writing by hand. It seems that in day to day life people appear to be writing less and less, but it is understandable why. Typing is a much faster and effective way to communicate, for example, sending an email is quicker than sending a letter. And of course, I would much rather type up essays and assignments than write them all out! However, writing can have a much more personal feel to it, when you check your inbox you probably don’t get too excited, but when you receive your mail, and if you were to receive a postcard or if someone has taken their time out to write you a letter then it makes a difference.

Anyhow, reaching a closing point on these random thoughts, it is clear that technology has influenced our lives in simple ways from telling the time to writing up notes. I wonder how different things might be in 50 years…

Have a smirt day 🙂


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