Lost in YouTube – “Your Song”



This wasn’t the song I intended to link today; in fact I wasn’t going to share a song. But it was suggested, so here I have the original version as sung by Elton John and also the cover done by Ellie Goulding. It also seems appropriate that both artists are British after the recent celebrations due to the Diamond Jubilee, where I must add – Elton John performed.

Ellie Goulding does not share the same level of fame as Sir Elton John, many people would say “obviously”, but she has brought her own style to the song, giving the ballad a newer sound with her soft yet powerful voice. In ways she reminds of Diana Vickers.

When I listen to the song, to the lyrics, I think how the lyrics tell the story: it’s a simple story, a love story. What gets me thinking most is that the lyrics were written by Elton John and Bernie Taupin at such a young age. Although they were so young (I don’t remember how old exactly but I think they were in their early 20s) the song is popular with many age groups and people from different backgrounds – this song has been used in different occasions from on the Christmas advert for John Lewis to being played for Prince William and Kate at their wedding.


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