The Woman in Black (2012)

I will start by saying that I have mixed feelings about this movie, I didn’t think it was bad but I didn’t think it was amazing. I wasn’t on the edge of my seat biting my nails, but I did jump from time to time.

I saw it in the cinema, and I couldn’t have picked a worse time to go and see it. On a Thursday at 4pm during the school holiday. Trust me, going to see a “chilling” horror at this time was a stupid idea, and I shall tell you why: the cinema was full of immature teenagers. Now, being a teenager myself, and not the most mature one at that, I probably shouldn’t blame other teenagers for ruining the movie for me. But I will anyway. Honestly, about 75% of the audience at that time were most likely 14-20 years old and could not manage to sit through the movie, eventually a whole row were “removed” from the cinema for making so much noise and annoying others. On the other hand, the sound of crunching and chewing also added to the atmosphere…

Ok, enough of my rant, what did I think about the actual movie I hear you screaming at me. I thought Daniel Radcliffe did a fine job at the role of Kipps and I did not see him as a wizard at any given moment, which is a bonus don’t you think?  As I had not read the book, seen the original movie, or any of the stage productions of this, I was not familiar with the plot and especially the ending. The ending to me, really made the movie and I thought it was fantastic, everyone else watching the last few scenes of this movie (myself included) seemed to gasp and be in shock at the end.

SPOILER ALERT (stop reading here if you don’t want to read the ending)!:

The moment when the little boy is hit by the train was the best and worst moment for me, this is the moment that everyone in the audience took a sharp inhalation. A sad yet happy ending as the mother, father and little boy walk up the tracks, though the woman in black is on the platform.


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