Another Happy Day

Well it certainly is another happy day.

I had not heard of Sam Levinson before last night when I watched Another Happy Day, but I think I will take time out to see what else he has directed or written as this has become one of my favourite movies now.

The storyline is based on the extended family coming together for the eldest son’s wedding at the grandparents family estate home with the many dramas during lead up to the big day. The grandfather is very ill, the grandmother and most of her grown up children are trying to maintain their “perfect lives” whilst one of her daughters believes that her genetics must be bad as her kids all have “problems”, for example, Aspergers,  Tourette’s Syndrome, self harm and drug addiction.

I thought the whole concept was brilliant, it’s a basic idea, take a  dysfunctional family and make a movie about it. However , this was produced so well. Each character has their own problem and if you are like me and enjoy a “dark comedy” then this could be for you. To me this movie really stood out, in ways I think it is similar to Little Miss Sunshine and this could be why I enjoyed both of these movies.

I loved everything about this movie, especially the character Elliot, (played by Ezra Miller, who was also in City Island the 2009 movie starring Andy Garcia) Going back to my reference of Little Miss Sunshine, Elliot shares some similarities with Dwayne the teenage character in Little Miss Sunshine. Although he seems to have a pessimistic outlook on life, he comes across as somewhat philosophical in some scenes, sarcastic and jokey in others. It’s ironic how he tells his grandma that if they were all together for a funeral they would be more likely to get on with each other and that 9/11 made him feel like he was a part of the family than ever before. Her response is that it is disgraceful he would even dare to say that, but towards the end there is a funeral and everyone is brought together.

I won’t spoil the movie anymore for those of you who might want to go and watch it, have a smirt day 🙂

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