Update 2

Hi šŸ™‚

I haven’t watched any movies recently – the word “recently” I use here to mean “in the last few days”, however, there are a few in the cinema that I want to see but at this rate I may have to wait for the DVD releases or Sky Movies.

The Woman in Black is on the top of my “To Watch List” as my friend was recently in a stage production of it. I have heard great things about this movie, including how scary it is, but I am one for an adrenalin rush. A Dangerous Method is a close second on my list, as a psychology student it seems like a very interesting movie and there could be the possibility to learn more about Freud and his “dangerous” methods (but, being Hollywood thereĀ is bound to beĀ overdramatization). Thirdly, A Man on a Ledge, I haven’t heard or seen much about this though.

If anyone has seen these movies feel free to leave a comment with what you thought about it/them. Please, no spoilers though, or at least within reason.

And a smirt day to you


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